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Why Do You Feel Resistance When Decluttering?

We may feel resistance when letting go of our stuff because it means change, and change is uncertain and therefore scary. Our brains are wired to keep us safe, and they want us to repeat the same routines over and over again, even if they’re no longer serving us.

You keep things for several reasons: because of their sentimental value, or maybe the item was expensive, inherited, or a gift and you don’t want to part with it. Sometimes we struggle to declutter because things make us feel safe and secure. Decluttering can make us feel worried that we won’t have enough when we need it. This scarcity mindset keeps us attached to things, even things that we no longer use or need.

Going Out of Our Comfort Zone

Imagine a bullseye. On the inner circle there lies your comfort zone, then comes the stretch, risk and die zones, in that order. The die zone doesn’t mean you’re going to die by doing something very risky, it might be going on video or speaking in public, or something that is too far away from your comfort zone.

How Does That Apply to Your Decluttering and Organizing?

For some people, especially those who are hoarders, decluttering can feel life-threatening. They feel certain safety, or comfort in their mess. Those are extreme cases, I know, but there are many people who have a milder symptom of that also. In that case, taking small, consistent steps will create change and momentum that is sustainable.

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Ana Maria Matamoros

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