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Goal Setting Principles

This lesson is a part of an audio course How to Create Your Best Year Ever by Felix Mack

In the previous lesson, we covered building the gratitude habit. In this lesson, we will cover goal setting – a requirement for taking action in creating your best year.

Setting goals activates both the conscious and the subconscious mind to figure out what needs to happen to make the goal a reality. High achievers set goals, and they proactively pursue the achievement of those goals.

Once you know your life purpose, determine your vision, and clarify what your true needs and desires are, you have to convert them into specific, measurable goals and objectives and then act on them with the certainty that you will achieve them.

Experts on the science of success know the brain is a goal-seeking organ. Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve. I want you to go back to the vision you created in previous lessons, and turn that vision (that is, your dreams and desires) into clear, definite statements. Goal statements.

A goal is short, specific and measurable and has a time limit or date by when.

For example, if you say: I would like to get fit sometime next year so that I can fit into my clothes better. That is more of a desire, and it is not stated as a goal, which is measurable and specific.

A goal statement would be "I will weigh 150 pounds by noon, December 30, 2021."

Here are the goal-setting principles that help make your goals a reality.

Goals Must be specific and measurable. Meaning, are there specific actions that you will take. You can't have any ambiguity in your goals. Otherwise, it's just a wish or a dream. The key principle is "how much, by when".

Your goals must be believable. When it comes to setting goals, don't set yourself up for failure. Is your goal something that you can really complete in the timeline that you've given it. Do you have the capability and the skills in order to perform… is the outcome within your control…? And if not, then reconsider – is this something that I need to work myself up to? Do I need to create milestones? Do I need to make it a smaller goal, something that is more realistic? Remember, if you can't believe it, you won't achieve it.

Goals must be yours. Sometimes, people set goals because of someone else's influence. Or they create life goals based on other people's needs. So, the question is, are you setting goals that are based on your own purpose and the vision that you have for yourself? If not, make sure that your goals are really about YOU creating your best year, and not necessarily someone else's.

Goals must be meaningful, again, going back to your purpose. Is there a meaning behind your goals, and do they align with your purpose? So, you might have the vision to increase your income by 50%, but what does that mean to you? Do you have an actual plan or milestones for how you're going to do that, and what you're going to do with that extra 50%? That's just one example but be sure there is the meaning behind your goals.

Your goals need to be supported. There should be an element of support in everything we do. Whatever you're striving for, are you surrounding yourself with supporters, or are you keeping people in your life who are not cheering you on, or even worse, putting holes in your boat? Share your goals with others, let them know what you're going after and be sure to have that support, especially the support of your family and your inner circle.

Lastly, what roadblocks will you face as you work toward the achievement of your goals?

Inevitable, as you begin to work on your goals, you will come across roadblocks and obstacles. The idea here is that you are prepared and accept that roadblocks are a natural part of the journey and are dealt with in a positive way.

If you want to create your best year ever, turn your vision into goal statements that act as instructions to your subconscious mind, in alignment with these principles, and that will be the foundation for creating an inspired action plan in our final lesson.

In the next lesson, we will cover the 3 things that matter most, as you work toward creating your best year ever.

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