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Inner Dialogue

This lesson is a part of an audio course Finding Freedom from Shock and Trauma by Stephen Paul King

Legendary singer Judy Garland was quoted as saying, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

Why do I recommend that one does some 'inner dialogue' prior to doing some processing of any shock/trauma? I believe it is practical and wise to 'ground' in the here and now.

This 'grounding' provides for present-day self-awareness and mindfulness and can lead to decisions and action steps from a place of courage, now knowing the outcome of the origins, rather than remaining in the fear/frozen state of an unknown outcome at its genesis.

As a result of any 'anticipatory anxiety' – the system is already reacting to how it was historically by the acknowledgement of the ongoing disturbances brought on by the internal 'energy packets' and, to this end, 'grounding' in the present reminds all 'parts' of the self of one's current status – including safety.

If you are a therapist, then you would request that the client "relax as much as is possible under the circumstances" – if you are doing the work on and for yourself, then just make these statements internally, including the command to relax as much as possible under the circumstances and the rest that follows.

As the therapist state that "Inside, to yourself, using whatever words you are comfortable with, let every 'part' of you know that, regardless of whatever has happened to you or around you, in the past, you have survived."

"Let every part of you know that you have grown up."

"That it is the year ------."

"That you have a right to breathe fully and deeply at all times."

Clearly state, "Let every 'part' of you know that, regardless as to what has happened to you or around you in the past, you did not die."

Then, at a steady pace, when it seems appropriate, say, "…and now, please take a moment inside and, if you sense that some of this information is not believed by any part of you, then ask every part of you to become fully aware of the adult male/female body in which you presently reside."

"Remind every part of you about who you are today, where you are today and what you know today – that you could never have known at the time this occurred."

One is now readied for the processing action steps that follow.

Lesson 11 is on Clearing Template Memories.

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Stephen Paul King