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Who Are the Dominators?

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Dominator Personality is often called A Natural Born Leader. They've mastered the art of leadership and exhibit high self-confidence. A Dominator personality can make decisions quickly and solve problems fast.

Three primary characteristics of a Dominator also known as a Red Personality are:

  1. They are very outgoing. They don't mind talking to people or being in crowds. They can communicate plans and expectations to people without fear.

  2. They are task-oriented. Red personalities start each day with a purpose. They know what they want to achieve, and they focus on doing just that. They don't like to be interrupted or knocked off of their path to achieving their set goals for the day. Red personalities hate wasting time. They are easily frustrated with conversations and projects that lack a definite purpose for some specific outcome. They truly believe that "time is money," and they want to understand how your interactions with them can produce fruitful results. Dominators do not enjoy tending to small details, they want to focus on the big picture. They tend to display the attributes of an Alpha identity which is a powerful, successful, leader, even if they are not. When a Red personality is in the wrong career, it's very obvious. They are bossy, aggressive, and hardly follow rules. They dance to the beat of their own drum and will not operate well in supportive roles because they are not focused on helping or supporting another person's vision, they want to run the whole show.

  3. They are Direct communicators. They simply get to the point. They often ask other people to hurry and get to the point too.

This isn't a bad thing if they are running a corporation or they are the CEO of their own company, but it can be a bad thing if they are trying to fill nurturing or administrative roles.

A Red personality is very direct, and they will say what's on their minds. They know exactly what they want and, when they are operating within the right role, they don't stop until they win.

They are not deterred by failure or roadblocks. In fact, they don't want to even discuss them. They only want to find the right strategy to win. They are only interested in solutions.

They are motivated by winning!

Does that sound like you? If not, it might be someone you know. In our next lesson, we will learn more about the characteristics of a Dominator Personality.

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Teresa Cole