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The Dominator's Key Business Strengths

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As a Dominator, your highlighted business strengths are: that you're high energy and directly focused and it causes you to shine. When the team is tired, you will keep going. When hard decisions need to be made, you're the one to get it done. Your Dominator personality will perform best in career fields that allow you space to shine. You're a one-person show and you like to be in complete control of your area of expertise. Yet, hopefully, because you now understand your dominant personality traits, you can override the ideas that you don't need a team, and you've got everything handled. Just remember that a team can help you avoid the blind spots and have more positive results. But because you are a Dominator, you make great:

  • Athletes: You have the perfect personality for an athlete because they need lots of mental and physical endurance. They have to be strategic thinkers and they have to work hard to develop their skills. Athletes have to train beyond what a normal person could do. When you think about Olympians and triathletes, and all of the mental and physical strength that they need to compete on that level, it's obvious that as a Red personality you would possess those qualities. Even if you choose another field to obsess over, you'd still train like an athlete and push the vision forward as if you were one.

  • Politicians: You're able to effectively deliver an idea to a group of people. Whether the idea is right or wrong, somehow people will follow you because you're able to convey a message with unwavering confidence that it is true. Yet, a Politician who has a Dominator personality and no team to help them see the issues associated with their decisions is a recipe for disaster. As a Dominator, you should present the big idea or the plan for addressing the public but a team should go over details to make sure the presentation is correct and the ideas are accurate to avoid your influential power being used to sway people in the wrong direction. Remember, you don't like the details but as a politician, the details are very important. However, once the details are ironed out, you would do an awesome job of delivering the message and getting people to listen to your ideas.

  • Sales Leaders: You'd make a great sales leader because you will focus on the primary benefits of the product that is being sold. You're not very wordy so every single word would be directed at getting the product sold.

  • CEOs: You make great CEOs because you thrive at focusing on the big picture and making executive decisions. As a CEO, your team is usually selected by the company, so it's the natural process to leave the details of how your executive decisions are executed to the team.

  • Entrepreneurs: You make great entrepreneurs because you can truly dance to the beat of your own drum. You are willing to take risks. You know how to make decisions. You know what you want and you will not stop until you win.

In the next lesson, we will conclude this section on the Dominator and reveal some well-known Red personalities.

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Teresa Cole