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Celebrate the Dominator Personality

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As we conclude the Dominator portion of this course, if you're a Red personality, you should celebrate yourself. You are motivated by your ability to win. In fact, if you aren't challenged to be better than average, you are bored and unfulfilled. Get excited because you have strong leadership capabilities. You know exactly what you want. You go after what you want. And as I've said before, you don't stop until you win! If you're a Red personality, you should be out winning and leading in life. Don't let anyone hide you in the shadows because you belong on the front line.

You will thrive best if you stay in the red lane: simply focus on what you are good at and outsource the rest. If you stay in your lane, you'll discover that you're more focused and more productive. Just remember that:

  • Your platform should highlight you as a leader, again, you are the CEO. You are that person that is running major corporations or your own business venture. You have the big picture in mind and you should focus only on the Big Picture to make executive decisions. You will be very irritated with trying to deal with the details.

  • Hire a creative team to iron out the details of your Big Picture Idea.

As a Red personality myself, I understand how great and how challenging it can be. As a Dominator, it's easy to focus and accomplish tasks but it's hard to see the blind spots and smooth out the details. Now that I understand my personality, I do not set myself up for failure. It's helpful in the sense that I know what I'm good at and Understands where my strengths lie.

Here are some examples of well-known Red personalities:

  • Donald J Trump
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Michael Jordan

I'm hoping that you can clearly see the dominant, decisive, doer in these individuals. Perhaps you can see areas where they could use a team and the areas where they could totally dominate their cause. You can probably see how the information in this course can help Dominators be more effective and how the lack of this information can cause them to fail big if they don't stay in their lane and trust their teams with some things. It's all a learning process and we will continue this course. In the next lesson, we will learn about the Expressive personality, also known as the Green personality type.

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Teresa Cole