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Who Are the Expressives

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Expressive Personality is often called The Life Of The Party. They've mastered the art of communication and exhibit high social skills. An Expressive personality will never meet a stranger, and they, almost always, close the deal.

Four primary characteristics of an Expressive also known as a Green personality are:

  1. They are enthusiastic. They are happy-go-lucky. They try to find the good in every situation.

  2. They are influential. They often use their enthusiasm to persuade people into doing things.

  3. They are friendly. They never meet a stranger and can connect with just about anyone.

  4. They are optimistic. They look on the bright side of things. They are definitely "the cup is half-full people" They have a hard time dealing with negativity because they rarely see things in a negative light, and the idea of being negative is foreign to them. They often say, "look on the bright-side."

Expressives have an amazing and bright outlook on life. Because of their great and positive outlook, success is just attracted to them. You can usually pinpoint a Green personality because they are smiling. They will give you a firm handshake. At events, they are usually going around the room introducing themselves and getting to know new people.

They are master communicators and they know how to name their price and get people to pay it with a smile on their face. A Green personality could sell a $100 dollar pen to someone. They can talk, just about anyone into anything. An Expressive personality has beautiful presentation skills. They can work a room and close multiple deals. Their vibrant and high-energy personality traits are a dead giveaway when dealing with an Expressive personality. A Green personality can name their price in life, and they usually get what they want.

These are the outgoing party people, meaning: they are having a party in life. They are natural motivators, lively, and tons of fun. There is never a dull day with Expressives because they are all about meeting new people, experiencing new things, and having a good time.

They are motivated by fun!

Does that sound like you? If not, it might be someone you know. In our next lesson, we will learn more about the characteristics of an Expressive personality.

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Written by

Teresa Cole