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The Expressive Characteristics

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Expressive has several distinctive characteristics. You should be able to identify an expressive personality by their traits. However, if you are an Expressive personality, you will be able to identify with these characteristics because you're:

  • Influential: You have very high communication skills. In fact, you're a communication master. You can convince anyone to do anything.

  • Natural Storyteller: You can draw in a crowd by telling great stories. You love to use analogies and examples that people can visualize what you're saying and they are drawn in by your conversation.

  • Excited & Vibrant: You represent joy and happiness. Even your clothes tell a story about you. Your clothes need a pop of color and the pieces you wear must flow with good energy.

  • Spontaneous: You fly by the seat of your pants. You can pack up at the drop of a dime and go on a new adventure. You like to travel and see new things. You're highly romantic and spontaneous in your relationships. You love to give gifts and surprise people so that you can see them smile.

  • Competitive: You pride yourself on being the best at everything that you do as long as it's done quickly.

  • Free: you like your freedom because you bore easy. You don't like long daunting tasks that require you to stay in one place for long periods of time.

  • Rebellious: You are a very nice person but if someone wants to see your bad side all they have to do is try to trap you. You don't like to be forced into the cages of life. You want to be out doing things, meeting people, and socializing. If someone tries to stop you from doing that will end the relationship whether it's work or personal.

As an expressive personality, you quit things a lot. You might find yourself in and out of jobs and relationships because you need a new experience. It's best to just choose a career path that allows you the freedom to have new experiences every day. Choose open-minded romantic partners and friends so that you never feel trapped on closed in. You'd never be happy sitting at the house watching television seven nights a week. You need adventure. Your work ethic and relationships will be more stable if you understand this about yourself and choose situations that allow you more freedom.

You tend to overcommit yourself because you make decisions at the height of the moment. Yet, when it's time to deliver, you've moved on to another experience and dread going backward to fulfill something you agreed to earlier. You should never book yourself to do tedious tasks that require a lot of attention to detail because you hate those kinds of tasks. Focus on doing things that keep you moving forward and experiencing new things, outsource tedious time consuming detailed tasks. You need a Helpful or Blue personality on your team to ensure that you don't overbook yourself and that all of the details are ironed out for you. In the next lesson, we will learn about Expressive key business strengths.

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Teresa Cole