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The Expressive Key Business Strengths

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As an Expressive, your highlighted business strengths are Your ability to communicate and make things happen. You are the front-end person that any company would love. You would make a great field officer who goes out to meet clients and setup deals. In fact, you would do well establishing a brand of your own as long as you're the face of the brand and not the organizer behind it. Yet, you are the star of the show when it comes to a-first-time-encounter. You will outshine any other competition bargaining for your deal. You will close the deal because that is what you do. In fact, you will attract new business wherever you go because people are drawn to you. Just remember that a helpful personality can help you avoid overbooking yourself and the helpful personality can help keep you organized plus iron out all of those details that you don't pay attention to. But because you're expressive, you make great:

  • Professional Marketers: You'd make a great professional marketer because you're motivated; you're enthusiastic, and you help consumers understand why they need a product or service. Consumers have a great time with you. You make them laugh and you help them feel good about purchasing a product or service from you. As a professional marketer, you have lots of freedom to move around and meet new people.

  • Personal Trainer: You make working out fun. It's a great career path for you because you will not have a hard time getting clients. Training sessions are short, usually less than an hour. You can take your clients to various locations, switch the workouts, and work with different people all day.

  • Performers: You would be great as an actor, actress, dancer, or speaker. All of these roles provide lots of freedom and opportunities for you to be creative and tell stories. You also get the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences.

  • Entrepreneurs: You make great entrepreneurs because you can do what you want and have lots of freedom. You're also high earners because you like to spend a lot of money on your experiences, and entrepreneurship takes the limits off of your earning potential. Overall, you need a fulfilling opportunity that allows you to be free, meet new people, and enjoy fun experiences.

In the next lesson, we will conclude this section on Expressive and reveal some well-known Green personalities.

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Teresa Cole