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Celebrate the Expressive Personality

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As we conclude the Expressive portion of this course, if you're a Green personality, you should celebrate yourself. You are motivated by your ability to meet new people and have a good time. In fact, if you aren't out mingling, you are bored and unfulfilled. Get excited because you have strong communication skills. You never meet a stranger. You can close any deal. And as I've said before, you have a lot of fun! If you're a Green personality, you should be out mingling and earning money. Don't let anyone try to put you into a box. You were born to shine.

You will thrive best if you stay in the green lane: simply focus on having fun doing the things you enjoy. If you stay in your lane, you'll discover that you earn more revenue and have more lifestyle freedom. Just remember that:

  • Your platform should highlight you as a star, again, you are the life of the party. You are that person that is developing relationships and closing deals. You have the communication skills necessary to make anything happen. You will be very irritated with trying to do the same boring tasks every single day.

  • Place yourself in a position to meet people, go places, and have unlimited income potential.

Being a Green personality can be challenging. It's hard to focus on the details and still have fun. Now that you understand your personality. Do not put yourself into a position that backs you into a corner or places you into a box. Make sure you have lots of space and freedom to be the start that you are.

Here are some examples of well-known Green personalities:

  • Steve Martin
  • Robin Williams
  • Will Smith

I'm hoping that you can clearly see the influential, inspirational, energetic personality traits in these individuals. Perhaps you can see areas where they could use a shift in opportunities or experiences to be happier. You can probably see how the information in this course can help Expressives be more open about their need to be free and how the lack of this information can cause them to become unhappy with their lives if they don't stay in their lane and trust their need for freedom and be okay with that. It's all a learning process and we will continue this course. In the next lesson, we will learn about the Helpful Personality, also known as the Blue personality type.

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Teresa Cole