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Who Are the Helpful

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Helpful personality is often called The One You Can Always Depend On. They've mastered the art of assisting and exhibit high administrative skills. A Helpful personality will never be caught off guard, and they always have all the details together.

Four primary characteristics of a Helpful also known as a Blue personality are:

  1. They are caring. They are driven by love. They are very concerned about the well-being of others. They are kind-hearted people who try to avoid conflict and disagreements. They prefer peace, love, and harmony.

  2. They are patient. They take their time and listen to the needs of others. They don't mind spending their time helping someone solve a problem or overcome a situation that they might be going through.

  3. They are sincere. A helpful person isn't going to be loud and out-front with their personality. They will be quiet and reserved, ready to listen, and ready to help. They are careful about what they say to people and they are always careful how they treat others.

  4. They are modest. They are not very flashy people. They don't like to draw a lot of attention to themselves but they appear out of nowhere when someone really needs help.

A Helpful personality loves to support others. Because of their supportive attributes, they can easily blend into any situation. You can usually pinpoint a Blue personality because they are always helping people. They will give you a warm smile and a hug. At events, they are usually seen cleaning up or helping anyone who needs help with anything. They are also the organizers behind the entire thing.

The Study

A while ago there was a study conducted at a seminar. The participants who attended the seminar were analyzed to see if their personality type could be easily identified based on their interactions with each other. The participants entered the room where the seminar was being conducted and one-by-one their personalities were revealed. The first and obvious personality types were the Expressives or Green personality type. They were boisterous and very active, they went around the room shaking people's hands and introducing themselves to everyone. They were dressed in bright or noticeable attire and stood out among all of the other participants. The Helpful or the Blue personality types were the second most obvious as they went around straightening chairs on their way to tables where people seemed to need help. They targeted the elderly or those sitting alone without a friend to talk to. They offered a warm smile and a good company for those who had none. They were dressed in modest clothing usually navy blue, black, or brown colors that projected warm comfort. The Dominant or Red personality was the next obvious as they scanned the room for the important folks and leaders of the event. They were seen meeting the executive producers of the event and passing out their business cards to anyone that they felt could advance their own agenda. They were dressed in vivid business clothing. They looked important and confident in their attire. The Analytical or Yellow personality was seen sitting off to themselves waiting for all of the noise to end so that they could gather the facts about the purpose of the event. They were getting out their notepad and pins along with study tablets or note-taking devices so they could be ready to record information. They were dressed very pellicular in attire that was sleek, silk, or some type of well-blended fabric. Their clothing was carefully creased and neat. They were ready for the data.

You can see how these various personalities can stand out in a crowd. The next time you go to an event, see if you can spot the four major personality types in the room. A Helpful or Blue personality should be easy to spot because they are very relatable, and they are the people that everyone talks to when they need help. A Blue personality is the glue that holds everything and everyone together. A Helpful personality has great administrative skills. They can keep a whole organization together handling all of the intricate details of everything. Their willingness to assist others makes it easy to identify them in a crowd. The world would fall apart without a Blue personality because they support everything that is worth doing.

These are the assistance and administrators, meaning: they help everyone be more effective in whatever they are doing. They are natural healers, nurturing, and caring too. There is nothing you can't accomplish with a Blue personality by your side. They are all about helping you get things done and be the best version of yourself.

They are motivated by assisting!

Does that sound like you? If not, it might be someone you know. In our next lesson, we will learn more about the characteristics of a Helpful Personality.

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Teresa Cole