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The Helpful Characteristics

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Helpful has several distinctive characteristics. You should be able to identify a Helpful personality by their traits. However, if you are a Helpful Personality, you will be able to identify with these characteristics because you're:

  • Love-Driven: You try to make decisions that are good for everyone involved. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

  • Kind-Hearted: You would give your everything to help someone on both a professional and personal level. You deeply care about the needs of other people.

  • Easy-Going: You are an easy person to talk to. You take criticism well and you are willing to bend your own wants and needs for the sake of a greater cause. You are easy to work with and the best friend anyone could ever have.

  • Faithful & Loyal: You keep your commitments. If you say you're going to do something, you always come through. You are dependable and reliable and you are always prepared with whatever is needed for a vision to be launched or expanded.

  • Relatable: You can get along with anybody. You handle change well and can easily adapt to changes being made at the drop of a dime. You are able to find a common ground in any situation and make things work.

  • Lover of Art & Music: You like music and art because that's how you express yourself and find peace. It seems as though music and art can describe how you feel since you would never express your feelings if it would hurt or offend anyone. This is your great release.

  • Easily Manipulated: Because you're such a nice person and you have such a strong desire to help and please people, you are often manipulated and taken for granted. The good news is that many Blue personalities have found the tools through books, motivation, or counseling to speak their minds and stop the abuse. Yet, you have to be careful not to let your desire to help people turn into their desire to use and manipulate you.

As a Blue personality, you hold in your emotions and opinions a lot. You might find yourself feeling depressed about how people treat you when you were only trying to help them. You could also find it hard to be in situations where you're forced to make dominant decisions like in law enforcement or company management. It's best to just choose a career path that allows you to help, administrate, facilitate, or heal others. Choose trust-worthy friends and romantic partners who will not take advantage of your good heart. You would not like having to constantly argue or dispute anything. You need peace and harmony. Your professional and personal life will be more peaceful if you understand this about yourself and choose situations that allow you to safely love and help others in some way.

In the next lesson, we will learn about Helpful key business strengths.

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Teresa Cole