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The Helpful Key Business Strengths

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As a Helpful, your highlighted business strengths are Your ability to support effectively. You are the behind-the-scenes person that any company would love. You would make a great administrative assistant who takes care of all the details. As an entrepreneur, you would make a great productivity or transformation coach. You would also make a great virtual assistant or a content creator. You would need to pick a niche that allows you to help other people do something. You will always do well in helping others. Employer's or clients will always be impressed with your attention to detail and your ability to help them take their vision to the next level. You would work well with a Dominant or Expressive personality. The Dominate personality can help you make direct decisions and do the hardcore stuff. An Expressive can help you enjoy yourself more and have new experiences. You can assist both personalities with ironing out the details of their visions and being more productive. So, it's a win, win situation. But because you're Helpful, you make a great :

  • Nurse: You would make a great nurse because nurses are very caring. They make sure that patients have what they need. They administer medication and they care about the overall needs of the patients. They are helpers in a big way. As a nurse, you would be helping and nurturing at the same time which is why it's a great career field for you.

  • Secretary: As a secretary, you'd be paying attention to the fine details. You would be relaying messages and organizing things. Since you are great at organizing and supporting, a secretary would be a great position for you.

  • Personal Assistant: As a personal assistant, you will not be in competition with the person you're assisting. You're okay with being the backbone of their success. You don't care to have their demanding out-on-the-front-line role. You actually enjoy helping them build their vision and even if it's your business, you find yourself assisting and helping with all of the fine details too.

  • Artist: You would enjoy drawing or painting because it's a way to release tension and anxiety. As an artist, you would have the ability to paint a beautiful world that reflects love and peace. You would enjoy providing healing art to a broken world and helping people find wholeness.

  • Psychologist: You have impeccable listening skills which would make you a great psychologist. You really care and your willingness to ask those probing questions would bring resolutions to a lot of people.

In the next lesson, we will conclude this section on Helpful and reveal some well-known Blue Personalities.

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