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Who Are the Analytical?

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Analytical personality is often called overly cautious. They've mastered the art of being logical and exhibit high accuracy in their predictions. An Analytical personality doesn't make any decisions until they have all the facts and data.

Three primary characteristics of an Analytical also known as a Yellow personality are:

  1. They are very accurate. An analytical person has to be correct. They never assume anything. They gather lots of information before coming to a conclusion.

  2. They are cautious. Yellow personalities are careful about every decision they make. They never make rash decisions. They don't throw out vague statements without supporting details to back them up. They challenge anyone who says anything. they will ask "where's the proof?" They are known to ask people where they are getting their information, and they've caused a lot of disagreements when asking people to prove something they said in general conversation. This isn't the kind of person that you want to make general statements around. Never approach them without proof because as a Yellow personality always says, "the proof is in the pudding."

  3. They are logical. They don't want to hear about your hopes and dreams. They want to know how you are going to get results. They want to see the plans, the data, and the actual information that proves that the idea is good.

The Analytical logic and careful persona are great when they are operating in roles that require lots of data and facts to complete tasks. However, it can be a challenge in other roles where quick decisions need to be made.

A Yellow personality is very cautious, and nothing can force them to make quick decisions. They take their time and gather information and they will not come to a conclusion until it's accurate.

They are not moved by people who are in a rush to form an opinion. They are contemplative in the sense that everything is put through a prolonged thinking process to analyze the most favorable outcome.

They are motivated by facts and data that lead to accurate information!

Does that sound like you? If not, it might be someone you know. In our next lesson, we will learn more about the characteristics of an Analytical personality.

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Teresa Cole