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The Analytical Characteristics

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

The Analytical has several distinctive characteristics. You should be able to identify a Yellow personality by their traits. However, if you are a Yellow personality, you will be able to identify with these characteristics because you're:

  • Detail-oriented: You don't rush to do anything. You search for complete details in information. You've got to understand how ideas can be proven. You sleep on concepts to ensure that you're seeing the full picture.

  • Fact-Driven: You need all the facts before making a decision. You are not easily convinced by what someone is telling you. You need to see the facts, figures, and numbers before you agree to it. You are a salesperson's worst nightmare because you will not make on-the-spot decisions, and they will need to provide you with literature that you can research before you'll make any purchasing decisions. You love to watch fact-driven shows and anything that is giving you a lot of information about things. You definitely watch the news, the stock market, and other data-driven programs. In a business venture, you would be the go-to person as to the probable outcomes of various decisions that need to be made.

  • Critical-Thinker: You are very judgmental. You try to warn people about ideas that you don't see any good conclusions to. You can effectively evaluate information and calculate accurate outcomes.

  • Data-Driven: You are driven by the facts, figures, and numbers and that is how you form your conclusions about most things.

  • Pessimistic: You are the ultimate dream killer. You are never riding high on dreams, but you are careful to look at the facts. You don't buy into the motivational speeches that convey all you have to do is believe. You need to see more than belief, and you need some data to put on that faithful idea. You believe that if there is not planned data then there can't be any success. You want to know how the idea will work and it's important that the process to success is mapped out for you.

  • Perceptive: You can predict the outcome of things before they happen. You have the ability to see into the future based on how things are positioned to succeed or fail.

  • Observant: You're the quiet observer in every situation. You are always analyzing and calculating and making predictions.

  • Expert: you're the brains behind business, projects, and ideas. You will not miss a beat. You will show up with accurate information and the best options for anyone who is needing your expertise. You thrive on perfection when you're involved in anything.

You pay very close attention to the details and you carefully calculate risks. A helpful and Expressive Personality would make great team members because they can help support and present your ideas. As an analytical personality, you will need extra help compiling all of the information that you collect. That would require someone who is detail-oriented and supportive to ensure that everything gets put together correctly. A Blue personality can play that supportive role and ensure that your data is organized. Yet, a Green personality can present the information with charisma and drive, winning over any potential clients and closing any deals that you've deemed closable. You spend a lot of time thinking about things and to ensure that you're making accurate decisions. A great team can ensure that you actually move forward with your ideas and manifest your desired outcome.

In the next lesson, we will learn about the Analytical key business strengths.

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Teresa Cole