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The Analytical Key Business Strengths

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As an Analytical, your highlighted business strength is your ability to calculate favorable outcomes. You are the predictor that any company would love. You have a high standard for accuracy. You would help any company increase gains and minimize losses. You are the brains behind any successful establishment. Your accurate calculations allow you to manage the assets of multi-million dollar corporations. Yet, as an entrepreneur, you would make great business decisions and choose highly profitable ventures that will, more than likely, succeed. You are the one who can predict the future. Just remember that a helpful personality can help you avoid getting overwhelmed with all of the information that you find. They can assist you in organizing your data so that you can launch your ideas at a much faster pace, while a Green personality can present your ideas for higher conversion rates. But because you're Analytical, you make great:

  • Engineer: You would make a great engineer because you're good with numbers and calculations. You are great at planning and mapping out ideas. Every time we drive over a bridge we experience the masterminds behind the analytical personality. You are behind most of our structures and technological advancements. You structure out the plans for them to succeed. You are the brains behind it all.

  • Scientist: You make a great scientist because you are good at researching and compiling data. You are able to form a great hypothesis and you test ideas to see if they are true. Your eager search for clues and information is the reason we know so much about the world that we live in today.

  • Accountant: You'd be an amazing accountant because you pay close attention to facts and figures. You would be good at giving business advice since you can predict favorable outcomes. Your predictions can help taxpayers make the best decisions for their tax situations.

  • Criminologist: You would be great at analyzing crime scenes and predicting what happened and why the crime occurred.

In the next lesson, we will conclude this section on Analytical and reveal some well-known Yellow Personalities.

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Teresa Cole