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Celebrate the Analytical Personality

This lesson is a part of an audio course Self Discovery by Teresa Cole

As we conclude the Analytical portion of this course, if you're a Yellow personality, you should celebrate yourself. You are motivated by your ability to gather facts, analyze data, and predict outcomes. In fact, if you aren't given the facts, you're not interested in the conversation. Get excited because you can accurately calculate the future. You are a real mastermind. You can find the right answer to anything. And as I've said before, you're the reason we have so much advancement, and you're the reason we know so much about the world around us! If you're a Yellow personality, you should be gathering information and making predictions. Don't let anyone try to rush you into a decision. You were born to calculate.

You will thrive best if you stay in the yellow lane: simply focus on analyzing things and finding the best outcome. If you stay in your lane, you'll discover that you can advance things forward and cause a lot of success. Just remember that:

  • Your platform should highlight you as a mastermind, again, you are the brains behind good ideas. You are the person that is developing society. You have the analytical skills to take us into the future. You will be very irritated with trying to do things without getting all of the information and thinking them through.

  • Place yourself in a position to gather data, analyze facts, and predict outcomes.

Being a Yellow personality can be challenging. It's hard for you to avoid the facts. Now that you understand your personality. Do not put yourself into a position that forces you to overlook important information to make quick decisions. Make sure you have lots of time for making accurate calculations that display your best qualities.

Here are some examples of well-known Yellow personalities:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Bill Gates
  • Elon Musk

I'm hoping that you can clearly see the cautious, analytical, data-driven personality traits in these individuals. Perhaps you can see areas where they could use a break from thinking so much. You can probably see how the information in this course can help Analyticals be more open to helpful and expressive personalities to round out their unwavering hunt for favorable outcomes. When analytics stay the lane and trust their team with the other things, we all advance from the calculations that are formed in their beautiful minds. It's all a learning process, and we will continue this course. In the next lesson, we will review and conclude this course.

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Teresa Cole