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The Cost of Clutter

Clutter is stagnant energy and it creates ripple effects such as being stuck in your life and business.

Financial Cost

  • You tend to buy items twice because you can’t find them.
  • Food gets expired.
  • Items get ruined.
  • You lose gift cards.

Mental Cost

  • Trying to remember where you left your keys, your folder or whatever you’re looking for.
  • Having a huge to do list and never moving forward with it.

Time Cost

  • Time lost looking for things.
  • Time lost procrastinating because organizing a room seems too overwhelming.
  • Finding the time to organize your home with small kids is really challenging.

Emotional Cost

  • It affects your mood by giving you a sense of hopelessness.
  • People with very messy homes lead less satisfying lives and suffer more from depression.
  • They also tend to eat worse because their kitchen is too cluttered to be able to cook a healthy meal.


  • They suffer from decision fatigue: where to start? Where should this go? Which containers should I buy in order to organize? What should I toss? What if I need it after I tossed it? Should I keep it just in case? Should I organize by color or by most frequently used?
  • Lack of energy because you’re exhausted after a day’s work and the last thing that you want to do is organize.
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Written by

Ana Maria Matamoros

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