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Creating a Personal Vision

This lesson is a part of an audio course How to Create Your Best Year Ever by Felix Mack

In the previous lesson, you learned the importance of discovering your purpose and the framework for creating a purpose statement. Now, we'll talk about creating a transformational vision that aligns with your purpose.

In the book "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, he notes that "He who shares a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his heart, will one day realize it".

When you develop your purpose and a personal vision, you will be a different, more complete individual and someone who understands what they're working towards.

While you may have some idea of what goals you want to accomplish – this is not enough.

If your goals do not align to an overall purpose, a specific mission or a vision of yourself, those goals are not going to have enough meaning for you as you move forward in creating your best year ever.

Your personal vision statement is an expression of you living out your purpose. And it's going to pull you into that person you want to become.

Now that you have a purpose and you couple that with a personal vision statement, you'll have a very clear set of instructions for the universe.

When you set out to live out your purpose, by setting a personal vision, a clear intention for yourself, of who you want to become – the universe will conspire to bring you the people, resources, and circumstances that you need to realize that vision.

So, what exactly is a personal vision statement? Well, it's not a goal or a to-do. It's not milestones you achieve… Or wishing or hoping for something to happen. It's not a list of dreams or hypotheticals.

It is a clear description of what you want and how you see yourself. Your actual future as you see it.

It is creating big intentions, outside of your everyday reality in order to create a new reality for yourself.

It is envisioning your ideal life – if there were no limitations, how do you see yourself living out your purpose, and what do you see yourself attaining in the process?

How do you see yourself impacting the lives of others – making a difference, while living out your purpose?

It is creating and seeing in your mind what's possible. And writing it down. Because writing it down gives power and commitment to realizing that vision. So, let's do that.

I want you to think about what you want in terms of the next twelve months as the time frame you are working with and in 7 different categories. If we were sitting here a year from now, what would you like to have happened in each category of your life?

In your business or career (for example, increase sales by 20%), your finances (for example, generate an extra $30k in savings), your health and fitness, your lifestyle or fun, your relationships, your personal and spiritual growth, and your contribution. What is your ideal life in each category?

Success in life works similar to a GPS. All you have to do is decide where you want to go by clarifying your vision, lock in the destination through goal-setting, affirmations, and visualization, and then start moving in the right direction.

Your inner GPS will keep unfolding your route as you continue to move forward. In other words, once you clarify and stay focused on your vision, the exact steps will keep appearing along the way. Once you are clear about what you want and keep your mind constantly focused on it, then how will keep showing up – sometimes just when you need it.

Go ahead and create a vision for yourself in each category, and in our next lesson, we'll explore developing the mindset you'll need to create your best year ever.

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Felix Mack