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Find the Root Cause of Your Stress and Emerge in Peace

Don't just treat the symptoms. Find the causes of the symptoms and release them. When pulling weeds from a garden, we remove the root so it doesn't grow back. So we must go after the roots of our unhappiness to heal and live more in a state of peace and happiness.

You will build awareness of your stress, anxiety, fears, and limiting beliefs.

You will learn meditations, awareness techniques, breath-work, and questions to ask yourself to uncover and transcend the fears and limiting beliefs that run on auto-pilot in your subconscious.

You will learn to re-wire your brain to operate within the powers of peace.

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Created by Eric Lundy
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In what started as a journey to heal his auto-immune disease, Eric found a much deeper connection between his body, mind, and spirit, which led him to learn the wonderful change-work of Transformational NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), meditation, muscle testing, breath-work, plant medicine, and functional medicine. He has since naturally gained control over his auto-immune disease (ulcerative colitis) and continues to release his stresses and internal sufferings. He also holds a B.S. degree in physics and an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering.

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