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Achieving Work-Life Balance

Having a balanced life is considered the most lucrative of treasures by many. However, a tension undoubtedly exists between our work and the other roles that are important to us. Long hours at work and obligations at home and elsewhere lead to increased stress. This leads many of us to pursue “work-life balance” – a life where work and life are in balance, but this reality is elusive for many.

In this course, you will learn strategies that you can implement immediately, and that will help you better manage the interplay between work and life. Each strategy has undergone personal testing by the instructor and is supported by years of research.

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Russell Clayton is a college professor, author, and co-founder of Work-Life Insights ( He earned a Ph.D. in business administration with a doctoral minor in psychology from the University of Mississippi and his research insights have been covered in such places as the Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today. In addition, business and mainstream news outlets such as Inc., Fast Company, NBC, and Fox News have shared his research with their audiences. Russell was awarded the 2020 Mid-Career Distinguished Educator Award by the Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society for his innovative teaching in the college classroom.

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