Self-Care & Mindfulness

Connecting the Many Pieces of the Puzzle of YOU

This course guides you in learning more about you. Through exercises and activities, you will attain greater self-awareness and insight into others. You will define your default talents, your primary motivators, your skillset patterns, and unearth the many pieces of the puzzle that contribute to making you who you are and what you want to be.

You will determine the effect your Personal Identity, your Social Identity, and your Generational Cohort has had on you and the choices you make.

The course content and activities guide you through an introspective journey allowing you to crystalize the impact you make as you explore your living and leaving a legacy.

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Created by Sylvia Gaffney, PhD
14 lessons
1h 24m
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My official title is an Organization Development Practitioner. Basically, I help individuals and organizations deal more effectively with CHANGE.

I'm also a Career Management Consultant and a Leadership Coach.

I've operated in the business world as an entrepreneur since the late 80's. My primary focus has been on the human side of business.

I want to share my experience to help you become a better version of yourself. I am a systems thinker who sees interrelationships that help people and companies arrive at what they must Stop, Start, or Continue to be more effective than they currently are.

My hope is that you allow me to work with you to become a wisdom seeker who knows yourself and others better as you learn to be your own advocate.