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Developing Intuition

This "Developing Intuition" course is an opportunity to deepen not only your understanding of what Intuition is but also your intuitive abilities. You will learn some theories about Intuition in the fields of religion, healing, the science of the body, and the science of the mind. You will learn some practices with Mindfulness and meditations to deepen your Intuition. You'll also learn about using tools of Intuition and how to apply this to your daily life.

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Created by Linda Rauch
10 lessons
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I have been working as a Counsellor and Supervisor since 1990, I have worked with many individuals and couples over the decades, guiding them in their personal and relationship development ever since. I am also a Licensed Homeopath and Spiritual Counsellor. I have written articles for Homeopathy Journals and created various courses on online Colleges.

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