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Reconnect with You: A Journaling Journey

Find your inner calm and light with empowering reflection journaling prompts. Over 10 lessons we'll move through the five mindfulness themes of the Liberate Method: presence, courage, gratitude, pride, and resilience with prompts to reconnect you with yourself. You'll experience the countless benefits of journaling, including a better mood, a more positive outlook, and stronger relationships.

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Created by Olivia Bowser
10 lessons
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Liv Bowser is the CEO & Founder of Liberate (, the first-ever mental wellness studio with group classes designed to expand and empower you. Liv is an Upstate New Yorker turned West Coaster with a background in everything outdoors and "better for you" start-ups. A Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, she's on a mission to mainstream mental wellness and bring human beings together on our journey to become our best selves.