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Bulletproof Immunity

Learn how to naturally upgrade your immune system and all other human defense systems. Raise your baseline of health and immune function, so you are more or less free from the worry and anxiety of getting sick. Stressors that create disease in others no longer show up on your radar.

We'll cover key principles to maximize health and vitality, deep nutrition and ensuring your diet is actually a good fit for your body and genetics, how to trigger the body's built-in mechanism to automatically clean up sick cells and heal itself, dealing with stress, and much more.

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Created by Matias Pihlquist
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About the author

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Hey, Matias here. I've helped people build and cultivate health for almost two decades. A career in tech in a past life. No-nonsense, direct focus on massive, sustainable improvement in health and wellbeing.

I help you:

• Get more out of everything you're already doing.

• Identify multipliers and low-hanging fruit for exponential leaps in health, performance, and longevity.

• Create a supple and fluid body and mind, with powerful increases in energy levels, presence, and stress reduction.