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Learn how to build lean, dense muscle and look good naked without piling on the pounds, training every day, or giving up your social life. In this course, we’ll dispel the myths surrounding muscle building and show you exactly what you need to do to change your physique once and for all. Over ten audio lessons, you’ll learn what to eat and how to train in order to start your muscle-building journey, as well as how to stay on track and gain long-term success.

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Created by Theo Brenner-Roach
10 lessons
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Hi, I’m Theo, the creator and writer at

I’m a personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, and freelance writer who loves to travel, pet dogs, and drink far too much coffee. I spent a long time overtraining, undereating, and hating how I looked. I tried everything. I gave up the foods I liked, stopped drinking alcohol, and trained every day. None of it worked for me.

Eventually, I got fed up and decided to learn what would work for me. I started training 3 days a week, including the foods I love in my diet, and having the occasional social drinks. Like magic, I felt happier, performed better, and began seeing results. I now no longer hate how I look. I’m not at the end of my fitness journey, but I’m loving every step instead of desperately wanting to be at the end.