Self-Care & Mindfulness

Stress Relief Techniques in 10 Minutes (Or Less) a Day

In this interactive course, you will learn how to reduce your stress or temporary anxiety using techniques that range from approximately 90 seconds to 10 minutes.

You will learn various breathing techniques, introductory mindfulness and meditation options, gratitude practice, the importance of affirmations, how to create meaningful affirmations so that you can start to shift your mindset, journaling with intent, and lastly, but most certainly not least, how your diet affects and relates to your emotional well-being.

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Created by Kristin Nicole
18 lessons
1h 31m
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About the author

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Kristin Nicole is a Wellness Coach and Holistic Nutritionist.

Having lived with extreme anxiety and depression for over 30 years, she realized after having her kids, that she needed to make a shift. She did not want to impress the same bad coping habits, or lack thereof, onto them.

First, she started with therapy. Then, once she learned how to handle her own demons and shift her mindset and life, she began her training in holistic nutrition and additional emotional wellness techniques and practices.

Now, she helps other overwhelmed individuals find calm and zen in everyday moments, and improve their dietary habits, so that they can go from a life of just getting through to one that is thriving with more joy.