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Become a No Excuses Runner

Listening and implementing the proven methods in this course will ensure that you gain valuable insight into your running potential and how to access it in practical steps. Become a better runner, brain training for runners', that leads to an impressive run story, one you will be proud of. Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and how to rekindle your running motivation using scientifically proven methods. Ranging from how to develop a 'turbo-boost' during your run to developing an inspiring future running profile.

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Created by Heiko Stribl
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35 years of running experience using scientifically proven methods, as a certified Endurance Coach, Hypnotherapist. Training and shaping attitudes to unleash your run potential. The Inventor of the RESET® brain training for runners' brand, but with the soul and heart of a passionate runner. Content that helps you become a no excuses runner.