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Fat Loss 2.0 or Fat Loss by Science

In this course, students will learn how to correct their body weight in the most favorable way – losing fat, building and keeping muscle. The most effective tools and strategies that have been shown via research and observational studies to give the results that students will be able to maintain for life in a simple, straight-forward, non-diet way. Everything from sleep optimization to essential intermittent fasting, from simple movement to a balanced way of eating, to supplements, environment, and social support. A simple systematic method to re-design your lifestyle for life-long ideal body weight, radiant health, and boundless energy.

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Created by Angela Shurina
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1h 14m
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Angela Shurina Certified Health and Nutrition Coach with 10+ years of experience, helping people to change their eating, healthy lifestyle, stress management, and exercise habits for life to have lots of energy and confidence every day, to look and feel their best to live their best life!