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Sleep: The Most Underrated and Underutilized Performance and Healing Pathway

In this sleep course, you will be taken on a truly holistic/integrative exploration into the world of sleep with plenty of educational gems to pick up along your journey. You will learn why we sleep, how this truly magical process takes place, what are the root causes disrupting our sleep, and how to set yourself up for optimal sleep – from understanding your unique biorhythm to elevating your bed and checking your sleep direction.

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Created by Lachlan Dunn
20 lessons
2h 8m
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About the author

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As an Integrative Health Coach and Researcher, Personal Trainer, lover for bio-harmonising and being obsessed with everything Health Optimisation, my education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in Sleep, Nutrition, Psychology, Agriculture, Lifestyle Optimisation, Personal Training, and Health Coaching. Using my skills and awareness I look at Health & Wellness from a 360-degree Perspective.

In the world we live in today, there are a multitude of factors impacting our health & diminishing our quality of life like Stress levels, Social Jet Lag, Lifestyle and Environment, Broken Sleep, Environmental Toxins, Exposure to EMF's (Electromagnetic Frequencies), Unhealthy Habits, Connections, Microbiome, Movement, Nutrition, Mind & Emotions, and Breathing. I take in the Full Picture of our lives so ultimately we can maximise our health and expand our quality of lives.