Self-Care & Mindfulness

Mindful Minutes: Breathe & Believe

This brief, uplifting class is a perfect way to ignite your day! Each lesson will offer you a breathing technique and inspirational words, a nudge, to help you get through your day. The breaths are great tools to combat anxiety, anger management, depression, and stress and to improve focus, relaxation, and happiness. The inspirational nudge are words for you to hold on to during the day to help you cope with feelings, emotions, and the day in general!

20 lessons
1h 26m
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About the author

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Kasey Crawford Kellem is a school counselor, author, yoga instructor, motivational speaker, former business owner and special ed teacher, and now, podcaster. She has earned a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Special Education and an Educational Specialist Degree in Counseling. She has spent her thirty-plus year career in education as a school counselor teaching resiliency skills and tools to help others overcome adversity.

Kasey is the author of Mind Over Matter Books. The first five books, "Believe," "Love," "Laugh," "Relax," and "Dream" teach children the resiliency tools necessary to overcome obstacles. After her husband died from cancer, Kasey wrote "Bella-Eve the Bounce-Back Dog," a book she has shared with thousands of children helping them cope with their challenges in life. Her adult memoir, "Don't Stop Believing: Our Journey with Cancer," was written to help encourage others coping with a terminally ill family member or widowhood believe they can overcome the grief.

Finally, through COVID Kellem created two podcasts to help adults and children get through the difficult time. Her journey has always been to help others get through their journey.