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Secrets to Long Life: A Study of the World's Oldest People

There are an estimated 300-500 people in the world who have made it to age 110. These are called supercentenarians. Of them, less than 100 have made it to their 115th birthday. They span the world, with the fewest in China and India, and the greatest in Japan, Barbados, and Portugal, and women outnumber men 7:1.

This course will closely examine ten of them, five men, five women, and ask the question: what is the secret to a long, healthy life? What lessons can be learned from the fascinating stories of the long-lived, to get the most out of our own lives and the many days ahead?

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John also loves math, since before John committed his path to editing and publishing, he worked in academia and had an opportunity to do research in the field of number theory.

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