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How to Cope with Depression

"How to Cope with Depression" is a basic course on answering the question: what is depression? One in five adults will deal with depression at some point in their lives. This course deals with various symptoms of depression and practical steps one can take to get the help they need to overcome depression. It will take courage and bravery but one can manage the illness of depression.

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Created by Jared Diehl
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Jared Diehl is grateful to be alive after surviving years of struggles with mental illness. He is a suicide survivor and has spent the last 15 years taking medication, talking with professionals, and learning as much as he can about the topic of mental health. Jared also works with the National Alliance of Mental Illness as a mental health advocate speaking to students and educators on mental health. He also is the host of the Louder Now Podcast. A podcast dedicated to ending stigma and discussing topics of spirituality.