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Move Away from Overthinking in One Hour

This course is made as a journey of exploration from a place where overthinking is dominating to another where it is not. Through it, both the speaker and the listener will explore, examine, and observe the inner workings of man beyond theories and methods to understand oneself. Such understanding at depth returns back the responsibility to each of us and comes in contact with one's truth. With it lays one's salvation through one's own examination and attention.

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Created by Ayham Kader
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Ayham Kader is a holistic coach and educator. He is running a holistic educating & coaching practice for professional, humanitarian, and artistic communities (Inspired by the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti). His initiative is the holistic re-education of man, taking back the psychological responsibility of each and everyone. No dependence on any outside agency, self-help leaders, or method of any kind.