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Brain Body Confidence: Being Bold When You're Nervous

It's the night before your big presentation, interview, or difficult conversation. What you need is solid sleep, but your brain won't have it. Your eyes can't stay closed, mind previewing the event, seeing shining successes and crushing failures every five minutes, on shuffle and repeat. It feels like your brain is against you.

If you've ever experienced a night like this, you should know there's a way out. This course will teach you concrete tools to not only sleep well the night before but nail the main event.

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Created by Dave Wolovsky
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Dave Wolovsky specializes in helping hardworking professionals gain fast promotions and high salaries without even having to negotiate.

He has an MS in Neuroscience and Education. He is also a certified practitioner in the psychology of optimal functioning AKA Positive Psychology, and he has been coaching and training clients since 2014.

His favorite things to do are dance with his wife in their living room, practice Tai Chi in nature, and go for walks with friends.

In reading, he likes hard science fiction, murder mysteries, Harry Potter, and brain research. He also likes to cheat on reading with audiobooks and courses because he can exercise simultaneously, and that makes him feel 2x productive.

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