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Hack Your Brain, Access Your Aliveness

Our brains are funny. They keep us alive, but somehow they can stop us from fully living. In this course, you'll learn what Aliveness is, what gets in the way of it, and how certain features of the brain empower you to generate Aliveness whenever and however you want. Throw in some practical neuroscience, spirited philosophy, and brain-changing Aliveness hacks, and you'll come out the other side remembering that your wholeness is the truth. Your Aliveness is all of you.

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Created by Dave Wolovsky
12 lessons

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Dave Wolovsky is an Aliveness Coach and Tai Chi teacher. He holds a MS in Neuroscience and Education and has been coaching since 2014. His favorite things to do are trying to understand life, and foam rolling while talking to friends.

In reading, he likes hard science fiction, murder mysteries, Harry Potter, and brain research. He also likes to cheat on reading with audio books because he can exercise at the same time, and that makes him feel productive.

He often takes himself way too seriously, which he said to leave out of his bio.