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Mindfulness beyond Meditation

Once a ritual reserved for hippie communes and Indian ashrams, the benefits of developing a meditation practice have recently reached pop-culture status, and millions of people the world over are learning how to practice mindfulness for the first time.

But what if, like many others, you find meditation hard, or you fail to receive the payoff your friends or family members have been raving about? Well, this course is for you! We'll cover mindful techniques you can add to your every-day life that will help you boost your mood and learn more about yourself in the process.

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Created by Jay Shifman
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Jay Shifman is an open book. Advocate, storyteller, coach, and consultant, Jay's substance misuse story is familiar to over 19 million Americans who also struggle with addiction. Now in long-term recovery, it is Jay's mission to change the way the world treats addiction, substance misuse, mental health, and recovery.

Jay approaches substance misuse from a 360-degree perspective because of both his personal experience and education. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a B.A. in Psychology, Jay holds certificates in Psychological First Aid, The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness, The Addiction Brain, and many others.