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Eight Steps to More Self Love

This Eight Steps to More Self Love course is designed to help you better love yourself.

Self-love is a struggle for all of us. We live in a society that so easily creates self-judgment, criticism, and deep-rooted feelings of not enough. We are simultaneously fed all sorts of ideas and cliches around self-love, like that we can't love anybody else if we don't love ourselves first.

Fortunately, there is a way forward. In this interactive course, author and educator Zach Beach will guide through eight simple and profound steps to better self-love.

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Created by Zachary Beach
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Zach Beach is a renowned love coach with a Masters in Psychology, the best-selling author of The Seven Lessons of Love and two poetry collections, founder of The Heart Center love school, and host of The Learn to Love Podcast. He has taught and coached thousands of couples and individuals on how to deepen their love and connection. Learn more at