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Concussion Is a Brain Injury. What Does That Mean?

Students will learn what concussion is, brain basics, in-depth looks at some concussion symptoms, including dizziness and vestibular problems, vision problems, headaches, POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) & dysautonomia, and return to work/school. How often unreported incidents, such as those involving intimate partner violence (IPV) are important to recognize and can be so dangerous. Nick Mercer's thoughts and perceptions on life after a brain injury and how he looks at life now.

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About the author

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Nick Mercer was severely brain-injured in 2003, spent years doing rehab learning to walk, how to go about daily living, learning to speak, among others. In 2005 he went across the country to finish his Master's of Public Administration (2006), and starting in 2007 he worked for 4 1/2 years in Ottawa and St. John's, his home. Nick started the Concussion Talk blog in 2010, and the Concussion Talk Podcast in 2015 - he has done over 200 podcasts to date with doctors, researchers, physio- and other therapists, athletes, advocates, and others. Nick also recorded 61 podcasts about his 2002 bike trip across Canada (pre-brain injury).

Lauren Ziaks is a double husky from Northeastern University in Boston with a bachelor's in Athletic Training and a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy. She started in sports, and later transitioned to an outpatient physical therapy practice in Park City, Utah where she had the opportunity to grow into a practice specializing in concussion management. She recently moved to a hospital network in Utah to help grow an integrative concussion rehabilitation program. She has treated >1000 patients with concussions and has advanced training and certifications in vision therapy and vestibular rehabilitation therapy.