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Navigating Your Emotional Landscape

In Navigating You Emotional Landscape, you'll learn about where your thoughts come from and how they govern your actions, how you can use your reactive behavior to dismantle limiting beliefs you have about yourself, how to stop a trigger in its tracks, and how to generously express yourself in ways that create closeness and connection with yourself and with others.

Once you've completed the course, you’ll be prepared to totally rewire how you think, have the tools you need to bring more harmony into your relationships, and the self-awareness you've been missing to enable and empower you to keep growing, using the world as your mirror going forward.

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Created by Antesa Jensen
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Antesa Jensen is an Emotional Intelligence Expert who specializes in empathy, vulnerability, authenticity, and the emotional landscape. She teaches her clients to discern between reactive behavior, feelings, and thoughts, and guides them in developing honest, kind, and compassionate communication styles that build relationships and deepen intimacy, connection, and an intuitive sense of purpose in all areas of their lives. Her offerings are broad-ranging and include EQ workshops and intensives, group and individual coaching, The HeartCore Collective where members learn the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence, and expedition-style intensives through her company Adventure Awake. Learn more at