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Making Wellness a Priority

Looking for a sustainable strategy that will empower you to Make Wellness a Priority? In this course, you will learn how to use your own personal priorities (and some psychology) to help kick-start and/or rejuvenate healthy lifestyle behaviors in order to experience a 'lifetime' of health and wellness. It's time to stop the roller coaster of excuses and enjoy a consistent sense of well-being.

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Created by Lisa Lounsbury
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Lisa has been educating and entertaining audiences, conference delegates and clients on the topics of Health and Wellness for over 30 years. As an expert in mental health, wellness and fitness, Lisa has been focused on inspiring and motivating individuals to Make Wellness a Priority and to Bring Health to Health and Safety.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Lisa speaks to groups from a vast array of industries from Canada and the US. She is the President and Founder of New Day Wellness Inc., a Producer and host of a TV & Podcast show called Your Wellness, a Corporate Mental Health and Wellness Trainer, International Fitness Specialist, College Professor, Philanthropist, Competitive Tap Dancer, wife and proud mother of 3 grown children.