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Your Health: Managing the Human Mind

Achieving good health requires a mental shift in the approach to food choices and physical activity. This course will introduce you to a new way of thinking regarding making healthy decisions. You can achieve health at your own pace consistently by simply beginning the process of "rewiring" your brain.

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Created by Lynda Lee Smith
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Author, podcaster, international speaker, and life strategist Lynda Lee Smith developed her personal financial philosophy at a young age after witnessing her parents develop a financial strategy with meager earnings. Lynda has been in front of the camera for most of her adult life, making appearances on over 100 television and radio talk shows as a spokesperson for various causes. She was chosen as a "Top 40 under 40 Business Executives" in Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine in 2004. Ford Motor Company honored her with the "Life in Drive" Award in 2006 presented to only seven women nationwide. Health and wealth creation are two of her favorite topics to discuss. Her latest books, "Beat the System…Create Your Own Pathway to Wealth" and "Rewire the Circuitry of Your Brain and Achieve Optimum Health," are available on her website.