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Becoming Extra-Ordinary: Return to a State of Abundant Energy

Do you ever feel that your energy has been drained, your get up and go has been exhausted and your joy for life has slipped through your hands? Well, your not alone. In this course, Justin will share simple but life-changing principles that have helped thousands of individuals return to a state of abundant energy, joy, happiness, and health.

Come as we journey into self-awakening and to learn what it takes to go from where you currently are as an ordinary person and to upgrade to become extraordinary. This course, when applied, has the potential to change your life.

10 lessons
1h 38m
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About the author

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Justin Fontanini is an Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Certified Herbal Physician. Justin graduated from East West College of Natural Medicine in Florida. He received his Bachelor’s in Health Science and Masters in Oriental Medicine. Justin has practiced in Florida since 2005 and has given over 40,000 treatments.

Justin has a podcast named "The Health Connection" where he uses ancient healing principles coupled with modern science to awaken people to climb to new levels of consciousness.

Justin and his wife co-founded "Conscious Mind Mastery" live events and also take select people to Costa Rica for amazing healing retreats.