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How to Get Rid of Bloating for Good

In this course, students will learn the most common causes of bloating, the habits that cause bloating, healthy and unhealthy foods that can cause bloating, the connection between stress and digestion, and how that leads to bloating. In addition, you will find out how to create new habits that support better digestion (and help you get rid of bloating for good).

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About the author

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Dr. Blessing Anyatonwu D.C., M.S. helps busy, professional women lose weight, have more energy, and create a step-by-step plan to improve their digestive health.

She has an M.S. in Human Nutrition and a Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport and she is also Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified.

She works with clients one on one and in groups virtually. She also offers workshops in-person and online. She is the host of The Wealthier Together Podcast on iTunes.