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Mastering Your Magic: A Guided 7-Step Journey Home to Self

This program is a 7-step journey to creating the life of your dreams. This course is for you if you're wanting more. From life, from your relationships, from yourself. If you're feeling stuck like there's something greater for you and you just want to figure out what. With practical tools, exercises, and some science, I'll help facilitate quantum leaps in your evolution and remind you of all that's already within you. Delivered in bite-sized pieces so that there's no excuse to not do the work. By the end of this course, you'll have the tools and awareness to help you move through life with more ease and grace. Life is a series of choices and owning that, changes everything.

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Created by Krysta Martini
8 lessons
1h 10m
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My name is Krysta and I'm devoted to helping you live a life you love. I'm a Self Mastery Coach and Spiral Practitioner and I stand for the evolution and liberation of humanity. I see and teach life as an alchemical process and I'm here to guide you to reclaim your sovereignty and realize that you have a choice in every moment. I spent over 12 years in the self/spiritual development field to give you the shortcuts I wish I'd had, so you can quantum leap into your own evolution. I work with those who know there's more for them than what they've been settling for. Those who are ready to go all-in, take their power back, and become the creators they were born to be.