Self-Care & Mindfulness

How to Practice Self Love on a Daily Basis

In this course, you will learn why self-love and self-care are so important and necessary on a daily basis. You will learn how to practice and embody self-love in different ways and also recognize what self-love and self-care practices work for you. You will identify what doesn't serve you and depletes you and what fills your cup up again and recharges your batteries so that you can be a better human and better service to others. You will be assigned daily tasks to do as homework and practice what you have learned. You've got this!

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Created by Evangeline Yeun
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Evangeline Yeun is an experienced Sydney-based yoga teacher of 16 years, a Mumma, and a lover of life! I love to share my passion for living life to the fullest through self-love and self-care. Giving back to yourself, so that you can be a better human and a better service to others.