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How to Have Breakthrough Ideas

Breakthrough ideas are increasingly becoming a top-tier asset in today’s economy. They help us with everything from consistently generating viral blog articles to being able to solve problems at your work to having the next business idea that totally disrupts an entire industry—and everywhere in between. If you’re looking to set yourself apart and make valuable contributions wherever you are, cultivating the ability to see things in new ways or find new solutions to problems will help you do just that. This course will equip you with the tools, strategies, and information you need to confidently move toward having breakthrough ideas on whatever you put your mind to.

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Driven by a personal mission to kick my anxiety to the curb and start living my life to the fullest, I now guide others to do the same. I distill helpful, evidence-based information into easy to use tools and strategies that help people gain the skills and confidence they need to create a life they love. This is both the focus of my writing and counseling private practice.

When I’m not out running or snowboarding in the mountains, experimenting with new high-altitude baking recipes, throwing sticks for my dog or dreaming up new travel adventures with my family, I’m enjoying my work with folks like you in my office in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

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