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Fixing Your Sleep, Once and For All

In this course, you will learn how sleep works, and how to maximize your sleep naturally, using proven sleep hygiene techniques from The Sleep Hygienist, Jason Ricci. If you aren’t sleeping well, this is the course for you. Think of it as a beginners guide to better sleep. If you follow the tenants laid out in this course, your sleep will improve, and you’ll enjoy regular, restorative, predictable, natural sleep. If you have a medical disease that prevents you from sleeping, such as sleep apnea, this course is probably not for you. But if you suffer from insomnia, this will be the last sleep course you’ll ever need.

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Created by Jason Ricci
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Jason Ricci, LMHC, NCC, CASAC-T, CFHC, MA is the Sleep Hygienist, and a mental health therapist. He has been teaching people to improve their sleep since the early 2000s. He has worked with people one on one, as well as presented to groups on this topic. He has created a number of natural sleep resources which can be found at Recently, Jason has teamed up with Listenable to help even more people achieve that often-elusive good night’s sleep.