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This lesson is a part of an audio course Medical Cannabis Basics by Harmony Tarrant

Edibles can be the trickiest for new patients. After all, there really isn't a food that is also medicine in the real world. We also usually don't have medications that take hours to kick in.

When it comes to edibles, let's make it clear: It is not normal food. Edibles shouldn't be eaten in the entire brownie or entire bag; it is still a medicine. Once cannabis is ingested and goes through the liver, it becomes a different, stronger chemical. Hitting you much harder than a full-sized joint. Depending on the potency and if the edibles are homemade or dispensary bought, edibles should be taken by eating a corner of a brownie or a half of the treat, or if it's from a dispensary, then you would eat the recommended dose on the package. Then wait 2-3 hours to feel the effects before you decide to eat more. This series is for medical patients, so I'm talking from a place to get someone relief, not as high as a kite.

Edibles are a form where people can easily take too much and "green out" as they say. Becoming paranoid and overstimulated. These are usually the people who end up as ER patient statistics because they took too much cannabis. Side effects of taking too much THC for your system is: paranoia, increased pain, vomiting, twitching, sweats and temperature change, fatigue, and intense tingles. This can seem scary, but there is a simple solution: Start low, especially if you are just starting out. Keep an eye out for 5-10mg edibles at your local dispensary; eat only 5-10mg and note how you feel from there. Wait 2-3 hours to see if you feel anything. If you don't feel anything by then, you can take more.

For medical patients, edibles can be a great way to relieve body pain and not have to smoke. And it's actually better in a whole effect. You may find that vaping cannabis is a lot more cerebral even when it has body effects when you compare it to low dosing with edibles.

If you want the best of both worlds, like say you're in chronic pain now, and you know it's going to last a while; you can vape some cannabis, wait 30min to an hour, then take an edible. This way, you have almost an entire day medicated. At least up to 4-8 hours of being medicated.

Though, be careful with that tactic. If you vape while you have an edible high, it will intensify the effects, and you could possibly green out.

The best edibles I've found are the Terra edibles. They have a range of ratios and doses; meaning they can have both THC and CBD in the edibles and they go as low as 5mg a piece, but they do make stronger edibles as well.

Start low, go slow, and be safe.

In the next lesson, we will be going over popular strains that might relieve you.

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