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Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

In today's lesson, you will learn how important it is to not compare yourself to others and how when you do compare yourself to others, you are stealing joy away from yourself.

Who do you compare yourself to and the follow up question is why? Why does it matter to you how someone else is doing? And, if you are comparing yourself to someone and in your opinion they are not doing as well as you, does that make you feel good? Because if that is the case, that's really not nice is it? And on the flip side, if they are in your opinion doing better than you, does that make you feel good or are you jealous of them? I used to compare myself to others, personal example here. I used to have a sadness in me that I couldn't quite figure out why.

I remember when I used to hear someone telling me some good news, something great that just happened to them and of course I was happy for them at the moment, but when I was alone I would think about it and ask "How come that didn't happen to me?” or "Why do they have all the luck". That comparison led to jealousy and what I learned is when we compare, we are often led to despair and that it's never a good thing. Key that changed my way of looking at my own life and also how I look at what others have versus what I have now—Unlimited abundance in the world. Just because someone else has something it does not take it away from you. There's no scarcity—in our minds only. When you are comparing yourself to others and you're not feeling good it's because you think you can't have what they have, but you can have it too. Someone else's good fortune is not your misfortune. You can have anything you want—you just have to know what it is, make a plan and go after it.

Be happy for people when they tell you their good fortune. Let it motivate you to work towards receiving what they have if that's what you want. Don't be jealous, be inspired instead.

Stop comparing and (Lesson 3). "Stay in your own lane". When we compare we are moving out of our lane and into someone else's. And we now know that moving out of our lane can lead to disaster.

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Annette Quarrier